What are The Dangers of Eyebrow Trends?

As fashion and trends come and go, one part of our bodies changes and adapts with them: our eyebrows. The 80s saw a straight yet full brow whereas the 90s saw an obsession with waxing, plucking and grooming until we were left with over-plucked brows and regret. Progressing into the millennium we saw a natural and sparse brow, showing us that trends really do change and adapt with fashion and our lifestyles.

As we have advanced into the 2010s, eyebrow trends have become even bigger and bolder; however, with these trends certainly taking everyone by surprise and being so flamboyant, are there any consequences for our brow hair?

Eyebrow Trends

The 90s Thin-Brow

Thankfully, the days of the 90s brow are long gone. However, you may be a trend follower, and pride yourself on sticking to what style of brow you prefer. If you are still in the retro days, then, sadly, opting for the thinner brow can have repercussions.

While tweezing may seem like a safe method to groom your eyebrows, it can result in several unpleasant outcomes.

Over tweezing can result in thin, sparse hairs. If you make a mistake you will have to face the effects for weeks after, which an eyebrow pencil might not be able to fix quickly.

The thin brow choice can also cause ingrown hairs, a phenomenon in which the skin grows over the pore and traps the hair. This is not always preventable and causes bacteria to form in the area. From this, infections and follicle damage can also occur, which are just some of the reasons why the nineties brow can stay in the 90s.

Eyebrow Trends - The 90s Thin-Brow

Micro Blading

With many people trying to find the right solution for their perfect brows, Microblading has soon become a new and hot trend. It was originally invented for cancer survivors who had lost much of their brow hair due to chemo.

In this progress, the artist will use a blade and implants pigment into the first three layers of skin, then utilises a pen to individually draw on strokes until a more natural look is accomplished.

While this may seem like a better solution, microblading involves breaking the layers of skin and has brought up concerns by health officials. While some have seen infections from the breaking of skin, others who have gone through the procedure have seen infection soon after, with side effects such as itchiness and puffiness affecting them.

Perhaps the biggest risk is the chance of blood-borne infection, such as Hepatitis C and HIV, as well as other serious skin infections. The eyebrows are so close to the eyes and the brain that these conditions can become serious if not considered carefully.

Eyebrow Trends

Pencil-Brow Tricks

When it comes to filling the brows, there are many crazy trends hitting the scene at the moment. From wiggle brows to split brows and even the braided brow movement, they’re getting bigger and bolder every week.

If you dabble in current trends, especially that of the brows, it’s worth keeping in mind that any dry products such as pencils used within these trends can tug on natural hairs and lead to hair loss. Not only this, but removing the pencilled colour by scrubbing or wiping will do your brows no favours.

Adding too much unnatural products over the natural brow can cause your pores to become blocked too, which doesn’t allow your hairs to grow and develop as they naturally should. It can also sometimes look unnatural and a bit too much for the face.

Eyebrow Trends

Colour It In!

Such as dying your hair is not good for the natural growth and development of hair from your scalp, the same goes for your eyebrows. As we see current trends of colouring and dying your brows pink, purple, yellow and even adding glitter to match outfits, we have got to question the health and safety aspect of it all.

Dying the brow also dyes the skin underneath, which is a part of what makes them change colour. This can cause possible side effects for the skin and, due to the eyebrow being so close to the eye, it is important to know exactly what you are using before applying on your face. If any dye goes near or in your eye you will incur problems. Any eyebrow dye, let alone new brightly-coloured ones, contain three percent peroxide which can burn the eyes.

Severe side effects can evoke allergic reactions that can become severe, such as a skin break outs or even dermatitis, risk of eye infection and, in the worst case, slight or severe blindness.

Feathers to Barbed Wire

Lately, we have seen even more strange trends of turning brows into feathers and even barbed wire.

The feather brow involves parting your eyebrows and splaying the hairs into a feather-like shape with the help of Vaseline. We’ve seen Instagrammers posting and social media celebs flaunting this bizarre trend, making trend followers jump to their mirrors and try out.

Not only does splitting and parting your eyebrows not help hair natural growth, causing splitting of hairs and irritation, but adding Vaseline is an extra hazard.

Vaseline is a by-product of petrol and shouldn’t be put anywhere near your eyes due to possible side effects. While people think that Vaseline can make lashes and brows grow and look lusher, this is simply a myth.

The same results go for the barbed wire effect brow. While not everybody’s ideal look, this trend is causing similar splitting of hairs with the use of a gel-based product or soap, which can easily cause reactions to the skin.

While eyebrow trends are constantly changing, hair loss can be a traumatic experience for anyone and can make you feel less confident. Eyebrow hair can be lost due to several reasons, such as stress and trauma; however, don’t let one of these new trends be the reason why.

Whether it be due to over plucking in the 90s or a recent micro blading experience, here at DHI Manchester, we are proud to say we can help.

Our eyebrow restoration incorporates the DHI Medical Group-developed treatments of direct hair implementation and micropigmentation to present you with an all-natural, well-groomed and perfectly balanced brow, with not a barbed wire trend, bright yellow brow or a wiggle brow in sight.

Eyebrow Trends

At DHI Manchester, we believe that natural and well-shaped eyebrows can accentuate the cheekbones and bring out your naturally beautiful facial features. If you would like to learn any more information about our eyebrow restoration in Manchester, we would be more than happy to answer your questions or organise an appointment for you.

You can request an appointment on our website, send us a message or call us on (0)161 839 3769. You will be on your way to naturally perfect and precise eyebrows in no time.