What Are The Signs Of Healthy Hair?

We all want healthy hair, no matter if it’s summer ow winter. Not only does it make us feel good, but it makes us look great too. Being able to spot signs of damaged hair is very important, not just so we can improve our actual hair condition and growth, but hair problems can also be related to other underlying problems. To ensure your hair is super healthy, it’s important to look out for certain signs. We’ve put together some signs that show that your hair is in great condition – check them out below.

1. Minimal Shedding

Pay close attention to the amount of excess hair that falls out when you brush your hair whilst styling, onto your bed when sleeping or even in the shower. We all naturally lose some of our hair daily, but it’s important to recognise how much is too much hair loss. As a guide, we should lose around eighty strands of hair daily as a normal routine. So if you’re only losing a small handful of hair a day, then the chances are your hair is healthy.

2. Smooth Texture

When you run your fingers through your hair, you don’t want them getting caught up in a tangled web of dry, stiff hair. Healthy hair never feels dry or brittle, so if your hair feels soft to touch then it’s well moisturised and a sign your hair is healthy.

3. Dandruff-Free Scalp

A dandruff free scalp is a sign of healthy hair. Those frustrating white flakes are obvious signs that your scalp may be suffering. When your hair is healthy, your scalp should have a lovely pigment that is similar to the rest of the body or face with no redness or irritation.

4. Minimal Breakage

Hair breakage can often be found in the form of split ends, but if you are able to tug on your hair and it reverts back to its natural form, then your hair is healthy. Healthy locks don’t fray or break, so you won’t have many split ends. Of course, some shedding is natural, but healthy hair won’t experience breakage.

5. Shiny Hair

Shiny hair means healthy hair. Naturally, healthy hair doesn’t need lots of extra oils and minerals to help make it glow, rather healthy hair will already be full of lustre and shine. The cuticles in healthy hair are lying flat as they should and therefore create a flat, smooth surface where light can bounce off.

If you find you can’t say yes to all these signs of healthy hair, then maybe it’s time to take some action. Good hair makes us feel good and there are many solutions to improving our hair in the forms of hair transplants and various hair loss treatments. If you’re interested in hair transplant specialists in Manchester or hair loss treatment in Manchester, then why not get in touch with Direct Hair Implantation Manchester? With over 45 years’ experience, we’re fully qualified to help transform your hair from drab to fab.