When you undergo a hair transplant, there are certain things you need to take into consideration, in order to care for your health and skin the best you can. Before having a hair restoration procedure, however, you also need to engage in pre-treatment care, so that you can give yourself the best chances for a successful recuperation after.

So, what should you do before undergoing a hair transplant?

Two Weeks Before

A fortnight before your appointment, make sure to tell your doctor whether you are taking any medication, including blood thinners. Your surgeon might tell you to stop taking certain medications, such as vitamin supplements (especially B and E) and aspirin-based drugs but, if you have an underlying condition that forces you to be on that medication, share this with your doctor immediately.

You can start taking vitamin C, however, as that can help with the healing process once you have the procedure.

One Week Before

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages a week before the transplant, since alcohol might make you bleed excessively. The same for cigarettes. If you smoke, stop doing it a week before your hair transplant, because nicotine constricts blood vessels. It also affects hair growth, so you’ll want to avoid this at all costs – you should also avoid smoking two weeks after the transplant.

Three Days Before

Again, continue avoiding alcoholic drinks and tobacco products, from cigarettes to nicotine patches. In addition, you can clean your scalp on a daily basis until your transplant to remove dead cells, which can facilitate the procedure.

The Day Of

When the time has finally arrived, wash your hair in the morning of your transplant but avoid any hair products, such as gels or sprays. Choose clothes that are not too tight around the neck, so that when you re-dress after your procedure, your clothes won’t touch or pull at the scalp. Make sure to eat well but not too heavily, and avoid caffeinated drinks, as they can increase bleeding.

Whether you’re having your transplant this year or before next summer, pre-care is always the same! Listen to your doctor and follow all rules and guidelines you need to follow, so that your transplant can be successful.

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