Many sufferers of male pattern baldness are embarrassed about the condition. While baldness is fairly common in men, as it occurs in two-thirds of the male population, the truth is that it’s difficult to come to terms with it. The psychological effects of hair loss are undeniable, and it’s part of the reason why many opt for a hair transplant.

However, a number of men who want to undergo hair restoration procedures are ashamed to admit it, whether because they’re embarrassed at having lost hair in the first place, or because they don’t believe it’s ‘manly’.

Being ashamed of getting a hair transplant is not shameful and here are the reasons why:

Bad Hair Transplants are No Longer a Thing

Many jokes about getting a hair transplant come from the perception of bad transplants that were performed when the process started to become available. We’ve come a long way from that. Hair restoration procedures are highly scientific and performed with the latest technology available, so they’re a far cry for the ‘bad jobs’ of old.

Celebrities are Getting It Too

Many men, especially celebrities, are being forthcoming in regard to their hair transplant, as they don’t see the need to keep it a secret. And the more it’s out there in the media and the more they talk about the great results they achieved, the fewer people will feel the need to be ashamed.

High-profile men, like Wayne Rooney, who has had incredible success with his hair restoration procedure, are helping this happen. Hair transplants are aesthetic treatments, but there’s no reason why they should be looked down upon or why they shouldn’t be socially acceptable. After all, we straighten our teeth for purely aesthetic reasons as well!

People Are Not Sure What a Transplant Entails

One of the reasons why people feel ashamed when it comes to getting a hair transplant is because they’re not completely sure what it means. A lot of men and women believe hair restoration means taking another person’s hair or removing hair from a different part of the body to place on their head. These assumptions contribute to a negative perception of hair transplants, so further education on the subject can help people view transplants are something that shouldn’t provoke embarrassment.

Getting a hair transplant should not be a shameful experience! Restoring your hair back to its former glory will make you feel more confident and happier, so focus on those positive feelings instead. Perceptions are changing as well, and what used to be a subject that many joked about, is now being taken seriously by many – just take a look at two celebrities who are not ashamed to admit they’ve had work done: Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt!